Blood Moon's Curse

by Ekelhaft

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Four hymns of exquisite darkness.


released May 17, 2016

Recorded at Morning Star Studios, May 2016

Daemon - Battery
Grimalkin - Thunder and War Cries
Abhoth - Axe and Chants

Lyrics for "Destruction" by Grimalkin and the Infernal Priest



all rights reserved


Ekelhaft Denver, Colorado

Ravishing Colorado Black Metal.

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Track Name: Into Obscurity ov Smokeless Flame
The facade of YHWH shall layeth down
Into obscurity of the Smokeless Flame
And among the faults of ash and darkness
Legions lie

Eleven is the Azerate
In the antithesis of cosmic order
To drink the pain of the Demiurge
Is to descend the Qliphoth

Amongst the stars of Creation
The gnosis of Lucifer, unrevealed

Eleventh is the hour of undoing
When the Day ov Fire consumes the weak willed

Eleven is the Azerate
In the antithesis of cosmic order
To drink the pain of the Demiurge
Is to descend the Qliphoth
Track Name: The Blood Moon's Curse
Bite the flesh, rip apart
Limb from limb

Cold sharp claws grow on thy hands

Unseen forces
From the Blood Red Moon
Taking over the tribes,
Making them beastly and grotesque

Unseen forces
From the Blood Red Moon
Possession running rampant
Transforming them into hideous monstrosities

Taking endless human lives
Feeding on the flesh of humanity
Purging all that may lie in thy path
Track Name: Destruction of the Kingdom of the Lord
This is the undoing
Of all creation
We invoke Baaltzelmoth
Engulf us in Holocaust

Hang the Muslims
Crucify the Christians
And torch the Jews

Putrid manifest of slavery
Death to the sons of Abraham

I deny
The holy doctrines of YHWHs kingdom
For all time
I become
The destruction of YHWHs kingdom
For all
Track Name: To Salt the Earth
To salt their Earth
So that none shall thrive

The horde of Slaves
Hiding behind their light
The cattle cowering
In the wake of might
Forged, as steel
In the fires of Satan
Triumph is destiny
Only death awaiting

To salt the Earth
So that none will thrive

The will to victory, the blood in hand
Drown in iniquity, struck from history
Fangs are bared, enemies razed
To salt the Earth, so that none may stay

To salt the Earth